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Eco Logs

Eco logs are a green alternative fuel that are 100% made from waste materials. The residual
sawdust from timber works is usually treated as waste and dumped in landfill where it
decomposes releasing carbon. Sustainable Africa uses this sawdust to make a purpose-built
log or briquette. The wood has its own natural binding agent so there is no need to mix
additional chemicals. What’s more the wood is all sourced from sustainable timber
companies with certified reforestation programmes.

The logs have very low moisture level which allows them to burn hotter and longer than
most conventional logs. 4 logs, equivalent to 5 kg’s, will burn for 6 hours. The high density
combined with low-moisture also equates to low-ash residue and reduced smoke when

These eco-logs can replace a conventional log in all sorts of scenarios. Domestic fires used
for warmth and cooking, Safari and remote areas subsistence as well as tobacco curing.

- 100% made from waste materials
- 100% chemical free
- Wood is carbon neutral and is more sustainable than it’s fossil fuel alternatives
- Prevents fallen logs from being picked up or living tress being cut down

This product is currently only available in Zimbabwe.

Consumers will be able to buy eco-logs through retail outlets. For any business enquiries
please contact Bruce on info@sustainableafricaco.com or +263776797238

If you generate waste sawdust and would like to use it environmental purposes, please send
your details to info@sustainableafricaco.com

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